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Beautiful skin with wet tamarind A great item

Tamarind is a herb that is very popular to use to make the skin beautiful. Because tamarind contains natural acids that will help peel off old skin cells. It can make your skin whiter. But how do you use tamarind for beauty ? We have some advice for you.

Consuming sweet potatoes.

Even though sweet potatoes are a plant rich in important nutrients. It has delicious taste, cheap price, easy to eat and is beneficial to health. But sweet potatoes contain oxalates that may increase the risk of kidney stones. Additionally, there has been an announcement from

How is sugar dangerous to health?

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that even helps provide energy to the body. But if consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause health problems from head to toe. People of all ages should reduce their consumption of foods and drinks that are high in

Health benefits of beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is an essential nutrient for the body to function properly. When given in appropriate amounts regularly. It may help maintain health in the following areas: 1. Protect the skin from UV rays UV rays (UV: Ultraviolet) are the rays that come with sunlight. Excessive

Glycemic Index and diabetes.

Glycemic Index values ​​can be divided into 3 levels: high, medium, and low. Diabetic patients or those who use the glycemic index as a criterion for eating often focus on foods with a low GI value because it will increase blood sugar levels. It increases