Glycemic Index and diabetes.

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Glycemic Index values ​​can be divided into 3 levels: high, medium, and low. Diabetic patients or those who use the glycemic index as a criterion for eating often focus on foods with a low GI value because it will increase blood sugar levels. It increases slowly and is not dangerous. Meanwhile, foods with a high GI will cause sugar to spike so quickly after eating that it can be dangerous.

As many people know, diabetes is an abnormality in blood sugar levels. The cause comes from The body lacks or produces less of the hormone insulin. which affects the use of sugar as energy in the body As a result, sugar levels are unstable and may spike, causing kidney failure or blindness. Therefore, diabetics need to pay more attention to sugar in their food than other groups of people UFABET 

The glycemic index value helps patients predict what they will eat after eating this type of food. Blood sugar levels are absorbed slowly or they spike rapidly. Patients can therefore avoid foods that may cause sugar levels to become excessively high. To reduce the risk of dangerous conditions, however, there are other factors that can affect changes in blood sugar levels as well. such as medications used or other health problems

The Glycemic Index may also be helpful for those looking to control their weight. Many studies have found that low GI foods may help reduce the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol . A reduced amount of this type of fat may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.