The best sex! 5 tips to get him crazy in the shower!

5 tips for a “Dirty” Job! Shower sex is a very easy and enjoyable way to renew your sex life… just two steps from your bedroom. Be careful not to get drunk, otherwise there will be an injury escorts advice us.

1. For starters

Find a shower gel that both people like. Take your sponges and rub each other. Using a sponge increases the impatience of the touch, which when it comes will send you to another level of enjoyment.

2. Your toys and in the shower

Many sex toys are waterproof. Buy one and use as much as he bathes his hair and once he’s done tell him to help you use it.

3. Turned back

No doubt he adores this attitude because you give him his favourite view and with the water falling you are sexier than ever. Let us know that condoms are more likely to break when used in water, so be sure to do both tests.

4. Bubbles, bubbles

Fill the tub with water and take a shower. Make plenty of soaps so that when you go in, you don’t see what’s hidden under the water. It increases the imagination.

5. Wear a T-Shirt in the shower

You and the wet white blouse. The fantasy that has nourished generations and generations never gets old! Wear it for as long as you can and then get it out immediately.

Sex in the shower under the influence of alcohol!

Studies have shown that alcohol increases our performance in sex, relaxes and dares to try new things. As if we needed the investigations.

However, there are some Dos and some Dont’s about drunken sex that you need to take seriously (otherwise when you wake up the next day, you will have nasty apologies, except nausea and headache). So we start and … white bottom!

Dos & Dont’s

Do: Take your precautions

No matter how drunk you are, you should not forget to use a condom while having sex in the shower, escorts Athens advice.

Don’t: Don’t stress him out

The more drunk men are, the harder it is to maintain their erection. It’s not that you don’t like it, or that it doesn’t want to do something with you, the blame for throwing it into the many glasses that it drank.

It is not right to agitate him and show your displeasure. If you’re lucky, the next morning you might be able to enjoy the fact that you didn’t enjoy the night. If you still want him…

Do: Relax and enjoy… but in moderation

Yes, sex with alcohol makes you feel more liberated, your inhibitions decrease, you don’t care if you are dyed or what expressions your face gets. You’re ready to experiment, experiment with fantasies and not worry about your cellulite. So far everything is perfect.

But the problem starts when you end up trying things you don’t really like, just thanking your friend (and why you don’t have enough strength to resist). Don’t do it. It is better to stop something drunk and agar than to continue with something you do not feel comfortable with. Whatever Mojito you have drunk.

Don’t: Don’t force yourself to orgasm

It makes sense when you have a drink, the finish line looks a bit… blurry on the horizon. Try to enjoy it as much as you can, relax, enjoy and not put too much emphasis on orgasm. If it is to come, it will come otherwise it will overtake – but you will have (almost) the same pleasure. So don’t be an end in yourself.

Do: Don’t forget to wash your teeth the next day

If you are not at home and do not have your toothbrush with you, put some toothpaste on your finger and make the same moves as you would if you were brushing your teeth. Continue this process until you feel your mouth clean and cool. You can’t imagine how nice it is to have the first kiss of the day with a mint flavour and not a cigarette and alcohol.

Don’t: Don’t feel remorse

When you are drunk you say and do things that you would not normally do. Entire books and serials have been written about it. You don’t have to worry about being mistreated for what happened the night before, you didn’t do it yourself, he was there too.

Perhaps he too dared to do things that he would not otherwise have done. Leave the incident in your (cloudy) past and carry on. At least until the next drunk shower sex… escorts Greece say!

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