Atletico CEO like Enrique.

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Atletico Madrid great Miguel Angel Kiel Marin has admitted that. He admires former Spain coach Luis Enrique Martinez football coach both personally and professionally.

Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Kiel Marin has revealed that he admires former Spain coach Luis Enrique Martinez both personally and professionally. work Amid rumors Atletico may decide to part ways with Diego Simeone, according to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday. 

Simeone took over as Atletico Madrid’s coach in December 2011 before becoming the best coach in the club’s history. After leading Atletico to two La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey, two Europa Leagues, two European Super Cups and one Spanish Super Cup in total. UFABET Reaching 2 more Champions League finals 

However, many agree that the club’s cycle under Simeone’s supervision is nearing its end after Atleti’s poor performance this season. Especially the elimination of European football. Before reports indicated that Atletico Madrid were interested in pulling Luis Enrique to take over from the Argentinian trainer.

Atletico CEO told Spanish media about Luis Enrique: ‘I like him a lot both personally and professionally. I think he has the talent to coach any team in this league.’

‘Obviously he adds value to everyone, for the media, for the players and for the club. because of what he delivers I think it’s good,’ said Kiel Marin.

First, Luis Enrique answered questions about the Atletico Madrid link during a chat with Ebi Llanos, insisting he had not yet received any offers from the signing team. Bear and he haven’t made a decision until formally approached.

‘Hey, they must love me. This is fine. If they don’t call me If I don’t get the offer I couldn’t decide. I haven’t received any offers at the moment,’ said the 52-year-old.