Atletico Madrid CEO emphasizes the need to adapt for success.

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Miguel Angel Kiel Marin insists Atletico Madrid must keep improving if they want to be successful in the football future.

Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Kiel Marin reflected on last year’s performance and assessed the club’s current status. It insists Atletico must adapt for future success. According to a report from Deario As on Wednesday. 

Atletico Madrid Hosts Annual Christmas Lunch at the Cibitas Metropolitano last Tuesday. Players from the men’s and women’s teams will be in attendance. UFABET And Miguel Angel Kiel Marin will deliver a traditional speech. The Atletico CEO spoke about how adaptation is important in football in order to be successful in the future.

‘In the end people try for success. We cannot continue to improve if we keep doing the same things. Uncertainty is the peak [in football] and resistance to change is a safe bet against failure.’ says Kiel Marin.

Atletico Madrid’s CEO also stressed the importance of the club’s continued commitment to success. As Atletico Madrid aim to build the team to a second La Liga title in seven years. 

‘The happiness of many fans will depend on the performance of all of us and we will not disappoint them. The club wants all of you to move forward and work on the challenges that are underway. We have to work to grow for our ambitions to come true.’