Suarez tributes to Messi.

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Argentina football captain Lionel Messi superb display in Croatia’s 3-0 win earned praise from close friend Luis Suarez.

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez as a close friend of Lionel Messi has posted a message of praise for the Argentine captain for his magic. That led the Blues to a win over Croatia. 3-0 through to the final of the 2022 World Cup on Sunday December 18. According to reports from Marca on Wednesday. 

Messi scored a goal from the penalty spot to put Argentina 1-0 up. UFABET And another superb assist for Julian Alvarez’s late goal in a 3-0 win over Croatia.

Before assisting Alvarez to score a goal in the middle of the second half. Messi lured Joshko Guardiol, one of the best young defenders in this World Cup until His head shook. Before handing Alvarez a goal and a host of football stars praised the 35-year-old. Including close friend Luis Suarez. 

‘You don’t get tired of showing that you are the best in the world.’ Luis Suarez posted on Instagram to Messi. 

‘To have everyone standing up and applauding what this kid has given football really impressed my friend.’

Luis Suarez played with Messi at Barcelona between 2014 and 2020. Where they were involved in leading the Azulgrana side. ‘Triple Champion’ in 2015 ready to name one of the best attacking forwards in football history. ‘MSN’ along with Neymar.