‘James Milner’ reveals ‘Liverpool’ used to have attitude problems.

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James Milner, versatile footballer Anonymous disclosure A former junior at Liverpool once had the wrong attitude for a top footballer. But he helped give advice. Until now, it’s going well on the path.

Milner ended his 8 seasons with the “Reds” and signed with Brighton in the summer. And this past Monday, the 37-year-old star appeared on YouTube. Talking about the background of a relationship with a former teammate. ทางเข้า ufabet

“You have seen many players who are impressive. But before realizing the opportunity that you have It’s too late,” the former Liverpool captain began, without naming him.

“When they’re 24-25, they have to leave the sport. Because I didn’t make enough use of what I had.”

“When I was in Liverpool, there was a young star with incredible talent. And is a wonderful child. But maybe he falls into that category of players.”

“There were times when he did inappropriate things… In pre-season, we sat together in the ice bath and talked for 10 or 15 minutes, but he didn’t seem to be listening.” “

I thought, ‘We’ll have to talk again!’ and we did. that So far he is doing very well.”

“I am also pleased. When seeing the first character and the change of that rising star Even though he still has the same habit of bragging.”

“His attitude is great. And sometimes you just need to help point me on the right path to becoming a top player.”